Mid-Columbia Science Fair

                                                                           2013 Regional Mid-Columbia Science and Engineering Fair

                                                                       March 7, 2013 at Columbia Center Mall, Kennewick Washington


General Mid-Columbia Science Fair Information: http://userfiles.educatorpages.com/userfiles/julienelson/Mid_Columbia_Science_Fair/MCSF General Info.docx

Rules and Instructions for Mid-Columbia Science Fair: http://userfiles.educatorpages.com/userfiles/julienelson/Mid_Columbia_Science_Fair/MCSF Rules.docx

How to write a reseach plan (easy, your student has already written an abstract, it is very similar): http://userfiles.educatorpages.com/userfiles/julienelson/Mid_Columbia_Science_Fair/Research Plan 1.docx  and  http://userfiles.educatorpages.com/userfiles/julienelson/Mid_Columbia_Science_Fair/Science Fair Research Plan Template.docx

From the Mid-Columbia Science Fair webiste: To register for the Regional Mid-Columbia Science and Engineering Fair:Adult Sponsor Checklist, Research Plan and Approval Form MUST be signed before experimentation begins, and submitted with registrations.

  1. Paperwork:
    1. ISEF forms 1, 1A, and 1B. These forms were sent home in December and January, and most likely are already done and here at school.
    2. Research plan. Links to instructions on how to complete these are above. (Because not every student will go to the Mid-Columbia Fair we only required the signatures, not the research plan)
    3.  SRC, IRB approval for any project consisting of either 1. Potentially Hazardous Bio Hazard 2. Vertebrate Animal 3. Human Participants (hitting baseballs, shooting baskets, playing video games, surveys, etc.) 4. Hazardous Chemicals/Activities/Devices. Please carefully read the forms. It is the parents responsibility to complete the forms because you are the students sponsor. Please have your student bring the printed form COMPLETELY FILLED OUT and SIGNED and DATED to class and I will fax all the forms to the appropriate people. The signature date must be before the starting date of the experiment. Forms are due by February 7, 2013. These forms can be found and downloaded at the drop box located at:    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/173u8zjahewuggt/FGbPIdcRti?m   or from the original ISEF document found at: http://www.societyforscience.org/document.doc?id=396 .
    4. On-line registration at: http://www.mcsf.net/science1.htm . This requires a 25 word or less purpose statement. Registration is your responsibility. I will take care of forwarding your paperwork to the proper authorities. Please send me a copy of the registration confirmation by e-mail, or have your student bring it to school on Tuesday.
    5. A $5.00 fee payable to DHMS, we will forward a check for the total to the MCSF.
    6. All of the required paperwork must be turned in to me by 8:00am on Tuesday February 19.


It is not as complicated as all these instruction make it look. Only a few students need the SRC/IRB extra paperwork, the research plan is easy to write and the on-line registration is short and easy.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at julie.nelson@ksd.org